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[Volunteer] Online event support for tech communities -- Whereby Meeting Rooms

Hi FOSS Responders,

Our company just completed our online user conference and still have some Whereby meeting rooms available that we could share to other tech communities who might need it.

Full details here

Please let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


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Thanks, @faye! I’m going to move this under FOSS Matchmaking since this is something you’re volunteering. I’ll see if we can get some social media coverage for it too.

We really appreciate how you’re helping support the FOSS community!

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@faye – We’re looking for reviews on how things went using various online events conference tools. Would you mind writing up a short blurb and posting to our Resource Center if you have a chance?

Useful information for event / tools reviews

Here’s a suggested template for your review:

Topic title: [Event Tools Review] Whereby rooms

  1. Name of event
  2. Kind of event – e.g. conference with multiple tracks / single tack, did you have hallway tracks, networking opportunities, etc?
  3. Is it open source? (some people in our community will only be interested in open source solutions)
  4. How many people attended (approx)
  5. Tools you used to run the conferences – did you use a single platform or multiple tools?
  6. Overall event organizer experience? – were there any significant problems that you noticed? e.g. speakers couldn’t join the rooms, people were not muted when joining, etc.
  7. Overall user experience – Were you able to know when to join each session, could you participate, etc?
  8. Costs associated – any info you’re able to give around how pricing works for that tool.
  9. Other – anything else you think could help event organizers evaluate this tool as a solution.
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