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[Tools Review] Sched -- build your event's schedule

This topic us about Sched reviews.

  1. Name of event: GitLab Contribute 2020

  2. Kind of event: It was a tech conference with multiple tracks. Also had: workshops, small group discussions, breakout groups for networking, and panels.

  3. Is it open source? No.

  4. How many people attended (approx) : 1,500 people

  5. Tools you used to run the conference: We used for the event platform and Sched for the schedule building tool.

    While we seem to have used Sched mostly to help us build our schedule, it looks like it has other features and can also help with spotlighting sponsors and things like that.

  6. Overall user experience: Using Sched was really easy. You can build your schedule ahead of time and register for talks that have a set number of participants. Using Sched was a great experience!

  7. Costs associated: Not sure.

  8. Other: Here’s a review on