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[Tools Review] Rocket chat - a communication hub

**This topic is about Rocket chat review

  1. Name of event: GUADEC 2020

  2. Kind of event: GUADEC is the GNOME community’s largest conference, bringing together hundreds of users, contributors, community members, and enthusiastic supporters together for a week of talks and workshops.

  3. Is it open source: Yes

  4. Tools you used to run the conference: The tools used are Big Blue Button for the event platform and Rocket Chat for communication channels.

  5. Overall user experience as an attendee: Rocket chat was used as the chat area for the GUADEC conference and I had a great user experience, attendees were able to join in and converse with ease.The conversation was organized as there were two channels as regards the two tracks.

  6. Other: Here’s a review for the event platform used during GUADEC, Big Blue Button