FOSS Responders

Slack re-organization: splitting into subgroup communication for focused conversation

Proposal for how to re-org Slack channels

Our current Slack instance is here: FOSS Responders Slack. Since we only have one channel, there’s a lot of noise and it’s hard to follow the topics we’d like to work on. Here is the current proposal for how to split into channels to support sub-group collaboration.


A place for cross-group conversations. Everyone should be part of this.


  • Volunteer Collaboration


  • Website Creation and Maintenance


  • Resource Center


  • Individual Intake Set Up
  • Org Intake Set Up
  • Funding: Oversite Team


  • Manage Individual & Org NON Financial Requests
  • Fundraise Committee (treasure only)


  • Communications
  • Design
  • Needs Outreach Team


  • Community Outreach Event

Based on Alyssa’s proposal in Slack