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[Request] MIT licensed C# Voxel Game Engine needs help

Greetings, everyone!

I’m a game developer and Star and Serpent indie game studio founder from Finland. We work on cool stuff on our spare time.

We are developing a C# voxel game engine under MIT license for the Godot game engine.

We’ve been working on Terra and related technologies for 4 years now. Our core technologies are all licensed under the permissive MIT license.

The project arose originally from the Minecraft modding community. We were at first developing it by using Java and the open source JavaMonkeyEngine collection of libraries as our foundation.

From since we’ve moved on to C# and the excellent open source Godot Game engine (also licensed under MIT.) We chose Godot as our foundation to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Our goal is to provide excellent, practical, and expandable voxel technologies for other game developers to use. And our end game is to use the voxel engine ourselves in our own closed source game which has some light commercial ambitions (we’ll see how it goes).

The atmosphere in the scene has changed a lot since the 80’ies when I was a kid. Unfortunately these days when you look for people to join a cool project the first thing they ask is “How much are you going to pay me?” It is so sad. Who has the millions to pay for labor on open source projects that can go on for years?

Money’s not the point. It’s building something cool that other devs are free to use in their own projects :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In a more practical sense we need help with:

  • Optimizations.
  • Algorithms.
  • Documentation.
  • Planning and implementing missing features.

If you want to collaborate please contact us via email or Discord chat and let us know a little bit about yourself.


Discord chat: and PM Pilvinen#1337


Our team:

Here’s a video of the engine in action (old video, sorry, join our Discord and #announcements channel for more recent videos):

Hoping to hear from you,

  • Pilvinen