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Online event resources organized by artists

While this resource isn’t 100% related to what we’re doing here at FOSS Responders, it is still relevant for the online event organizing part.

Cherie Hu comes from the global music business industry and has put together a 16-page, living directory of:

  • tools anyone can use to host virtual shows/meetups/panels
  • virtual events that artists and companies are organizing in place of SXSW
  • emergency-funding resources for artists

You can find all of this in the: Virtual Music Directory.

Cherie originally posted about this on Twitter, and it was identified as something that might be nice to share with our community.

Example of Simulcasting tools


Below is a list of online tools that allow you to stream to multiple different video platforms simultaneously from one central site, in case you’re looking to optimize for reach. By necessity, your streams through these services will be free of charge (although viewers on platforms like Twitch can still “tip” you as discussed above).

  • StreamYard
    • Probably the most popular multicasting service in the music industry right now; I personally have taken part in three virtual panels in the past six months alone that were broadcast through StreamYard
    • Great for hosting interviews or panel discussions with remote guests
    • Streams to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and Periscope
  • Restream
    • Ideal if you want to stream to more platforms beyond the basic ones — they have 34 possible integrations, including but not limited to Mixer, DLive, VK Live, kakaoTV, Bilibili and many other international video apps
  • Switcher Studio
    • Streams to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and Periscope
    • Big plus is that its core product allows for multiple camera angles, in case you’re looking to put on a show that’s more highly produced
  • Streamlabs
    • Streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Mixer
    • Slightly more involved technically
  • Switchboard Live
    • Streams to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch and Periscope
    • Slightly more involved technically

Find more tips on tools in the Virtual Music Directory doc that Cherie put together.