FOSS Responders

How can we make it easy for people to find and share resources?

We have a resources category, but how might we help people find and share resources effectively?

Here are some considerations

  • Should we have a wiki where we add a curated list so people don’t have to dig through the forum?
  • Should we create a template so that people can share and credit resources correctly?
  • Should we just have resources on this Discourse, or should we also use the FOSS-Responders website? (see the “Other Efforts” area)

Please add any other considerations you can think of to this list and feel free to comment below with your ideas on how to address some of these considerations.

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I think a combo of approaches is fine. A wiki topic is a good idea, as is a #resources category where people can start a topic per resource. Having a nicely formatted and accessible document hosted elsewhere instead of a wiki topic is also not bad. Markdown is awesome (esp with the DiscoTOC theme component enabled!) but it’s a bear to work in markdown if you’re not familiar with it.

At the Global Legal Empowerment Network, we created a covid-19 response category, with a resources sub-category. Within that category we have a pinned topic to share a google doc where we keep a curated list, downloadable as PDF or doc.

We also have created our own brief of essential COVID-19 information, tailored for our community but based on official sources and with input from experts, in a google doc also linked from a pinned topic.

Beyond that we’ve been moving any replies about resources into their own topics in the resources sub-category so they are available in a topic list even if we don’t choose them for the key resources list.

We can specify a topic template for the resources category so when people start topics they don’t forget to add key details. See screenshot.

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