FOSS Responders

FOSS crowdfunding campaigns that need your help

Here is a list of organizations sorted from A-Z that have individual funds and how you can get involved:

Drupal Foundation

Amount needed: $500K USD
The Drupal Association has had to cancel events in 2020. There have already been layoffs at the association, and there is a need to fundraise $500K by July 2020.
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Open Source Initiative

Amount needed: $600K USD
The Open Source Initiative regularly attends over 20 events each year to meet with sponsors and secure annual funding. With so many events now canceled, our primary channel for fundraising and development has simply disappeared. Unfortunately this year the OSI was hoping to hire several positions, each of which is now in jeopardy should our 2020 funding goals not be met.
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Open Source Matters (Joomla)

Amount needed: $200K USD
Joomla regularly attends several events each year to meet with sponsors and partners, securing the annual funding. Almost all the events in the industry have been canceled and many small/medium businesses are suffering from economic issues due to the lockdown and decreased revenues. For these reasons, this year it’s really difficult to sign new large sponsorship agreements to sustain the development and the operations of Joomla. Even a small contribution can make a huge difference!
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Ajv JSON Schema validator

Amount needed $89,500 USD
With the crisis, it is not sustainable to continue developing Ajv in my free time. Ajv is used by millions of web applications and APIs (it is one of the most downloaded packages on npm with over 120mln monthly downloads) to improve their reliability and security via data validation - so it is critically important that the development of Ajv continues. The requested amount will allow additional maintainers and cover re-engineering of Ajv that is needed to support both JSON Schema 2019-09 and the new specification JSON Type Definition (on track to become RFC), ensuring Ajv continuity and longevity.
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If you would like to add your organization, please edit this wiki. Please follow this format:

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