FOSS Responders

Curated list of remote event-planning resources

Welcome to the FOSS Responders Resource Center

The following is a curated list of resources to help those affected by COVID-19 related event cancellations.

Resources for transitioning FOSS events from in-person to remote

Open source solutions for hosting events

Funding resources for affected communities and FOSS projects


In addition to these resources, you can find or share other COVID-related resources in our more expansive Resource Center. Please tag #resource-center if you think it should be added to this curated list so that we can consider adding it here.

We’d love to hear about your experience using some of these tips and tools. Here’s a sample template in case you’re interested in writing a review about a conference/event you helped organize or that you attended:

Useful information for event / tools reviews

Here’s a suggested template for your review:

Topic title: [Event / Tools Review] Name of event organizing tool

  1. Name of event
  2. Kind of event – e.g. conference with multiple tracks / single tack, did you have hallway tracks, networking opportunities, etc?
  3. Is it open source? (some people in our community will only be interested in open source solutions)
  4. How many people attended (approx)
  5. Tools you used to run the conferences – did you use a single platform or multiple tools?
  6. Overall event organizer experience? – were there any significant problems that you noticed? e.g. speakers couldn’t join the rooms, people were not muted when joining, etc.
  7. Overall user experience – Were you able to know when to join each session, could you participate, etc?
  8. Costs associated – any info you’re able to give around how pricing works for that tool.
  9. Other – anything else you think could help event organizers evaluate this tool as a solution.


In respect to the #resource-centre, ACM is working on its own Virtual Conferences: A Guide to Best Practices document that is available to the public to comment and suggest edits to here:

We found your resource centre an extremely good idea and hope we can share our resources. I am one of the organisers for a large ACM conference that is now having to go virtual among many others at short notice.