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[Bounty Program]: need translators for Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Bengali, German, Japanese, Korean, Swahili

Hello everyone,
on behalf of the Kiwi TCMS project I am looking for native speakers of the languages mentioned. All translations can be performed from a browser - just open the relevant pages, point & click the string to submit the new text, everything else is handled automatically afterwards.

Ideally you are working in IT, best if you are a tester b/c the application is domain specific/contains some technical terms.

Our project is running an open source bounty program and all of these activities are eligible for bounties if you decide to claim them!

A list of languages & specific pages that need to be translated can be found here:

Translation how-to can be found here:

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Hello @atodorov, I am willing to help translate the docs to Hindi and Japanese.

@MrSouravSingh - thank you. Just follow the GH issue links from the blog post - they specify which exactly pages and which elements on them we need to be translated and just point&click the in-context editor to provide the translation. If you can work 1 language at a time that would be best so we can keep track of contributions and close the relevant issues when everything on the page has been done.

@atodorov I have sent a Hindi translation for the elements through the in-context editor. Please let me know if it is merged. If needed, I am willing to work on translations to other languages like Bengali, Marathi or Japanese.

@MrSouravSingh let’s move the communication over to GitHub. I have merged the existing translations but all pages have strings missing so they aren’t complete. Checkout the respective GH Issues for more info and leave a comment there so I can reply.

Hello, Mr. @atodorov I’d like to help translate into indonesian

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