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2020-04-02 Meeting Notes | FOSS Responders Weekly Call

Here are the notes from today’s meeting, also found here: Rallying for the Community Call.

2020-04-02 Meeting Notes | FOSS Responders Weekly Call

Desired Outcome:

  • Set goal for end of April
  • Activate “Needs Outreach Team” and “Funding Team” so both come back next week with a plan


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  • What is our goal for end of April? Below is a starting place for discussion purposes
    • 5 Orgs post their needs (time, talent, treasure)
    • 5 applications are submitted to FOSS Responders Fund
  • Are we aligned on this goal?
  • What is most critical to achieve this goal?
  • How can we activate the following teams and get a plan next week?
    • Needs Outreach Team: Megan
    • Fundraising: Dan
  • Quick round robin if time permits: Sub-team updates


  • Guiding principles: We want to prioritize support for the most vulnerable and guide the support to where it will do the most good.
  • What have we learned about this week that we didn’t know last week?
    • Mozilla Open Source support fund. Looking to provide seed grants up to $50K to help with the COVID-19 crisis specifically
    • Folks from Tor fell in between some of the categories that we have. Conversation in Slack. (link to convo in Slack).
    • There’s a list of companies that are hiring, have frozen hiring, or starting layoffs: [LIVE] Who is freezing hiring article & original post in Slack
    • The PSF has shared the projected financial impact of cancelling PyCon US
    • OSI is expecting a shortfall in sponsorship this year as a side effect of OSCON cancellation, as that’s where most sponsorship conversations happen. As yet unquantified, no projections or estimates to offer at present time.
  • Fundraising
    • Duane: We need to find more orgs that might donate large amounts. There is at least one org that has already been identified as donating in the ~100K amount.
      • This announcement will probably go out next week. We think this will generate a lot of traffic.
    • Devon: just a note about GitHub sponsors as an indicator of sponsorship availability… numbers have stayed about the same, which is really encouraging to see.
  • What’s our goal for end of April?
    • Richard: Having completed payment to X# of approved applicants?
    • Duane: Finish defining how the funding event is going to happen
    • Richard: Website redesigned and live by end of April
      • Megan: workflows on the website need to be worked on before we start doing a lot of outreach to companies / orgs. Would like to do this in the next 7 days. Nuritzi would like to help with the website workflow initiative and helping with website copy.
      • TODO: Megan will help this website subteam organize: Duane, Richard, Richard, Nuritzi, Tony, Megan, Eriol.
      • Richard: need help with web development!!! If you know someone who can help, please send them over to Richard!
        • TODO: Everyone please poke your contacts about getting web development help in the next day or two.
    • Tony: It would be great to start addressing some of the needs that have already come in via the individual requests form.
  • Subteam updates
    • The way we work:
      • Megan: Each subteam can choose the tools that make the most sense for their process. Nuritzi’s Discourse proposal has been scaled down and will be used for the resource center she’s running but each team can use the tools they have so there’s not too much disruption.
        • Nuritzi: Matchmaking is something that could live in Discourse.
      • Nuritzi: Talked about using Slack differently with Megan. Would be great to have subgroup channels so that we can filter out the noise.
        • Tony: Once Slack channels are created, catalog them here and on the site.
    • Nuritzi: I need a buddy for the resource center! There are some informal ones, but would be great if you can add your name to the spreadsheet.
    • Rachel: had a meeting today (see notes) to talk about the individual needs form
      • Here is the FOSS Responders - Application Process. We need to continue to flesh this out.
      • Tony: would like to define this working group a bit and consolidate. Would like to be part of the application team.
        • +1 Megan
    • Alyssa: Need to make sure that we have correct links for how individuals and orgs can request help for the Open Collective blogspot that is going out on Monday.
    • Megan: I need buddies for outreach!
      • Scott and Josh are interested in being buddies.
      • Alyssa would like to understand what it entails and would probably be able to join.