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2020-03-26 Meeting Notes | FOSS Responders Weekly Call

Here are the notes from today’s meeting, also found here: Rallying for the Community Call.

2020-03026 Meeting Notes | FOSS Responders Weekly Call

Desired Outcome:

  • Where are we and where do we go next especially on our top 2 priorities
    • Getting people/projects to post needs
    • Funding


What Have We Learned About This Week?

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Sub-team updates: progress, what’s your next focus, blockers/needs

  • Clarify and restate our mission and who funds serve - Megan/Duane
  • Website- Richard
    • How can we align the website copy to the messaging guide?
  • Resource Center - Nuritzi
  • Individual and Org Needs In-take Process/Form - Tony
    • Can you tell us the journey an org and an individual takes to tell us their needs (financial and non-financial)?
    • Nuritzi: Can we use what you’ve worked on and translate it into Discourse? You wouldn’t lose work, and again I think it could reduce burden and also condense the tools we are using.
    • ASK: Please review the process doc and then look for major issues with the form.
  • Manage individual and org non-financial requests - Gunner
    • What do you need to know/ have to get started?
    • Nuritzi: This could be part of Discourse and would help to offload the burden on one person. Let’s talk.
  • Set up Funding Infrastructure/process - Rachel
    • Nuritzi: I’d like to participate in conversations about process!
  • Fundraise committee- Dan Shaw
    • What do you need to get started?
    • Ask: Please ask what would be needed to cut a $10K+ check!!
  • Communications - Alison
    • What’s the plan to get needs posted to the site?
      • AY: We need to finalize (or at least close enough) the Comms doc/FAQ doc before posting anything
      • AY: Would also be great to have branding before we launch twitter
      • AY: Also need logins to Twitter to set up Hootsuite/other twitter management/scheduling tool
      • Ask: Do we have anyone with more experience with Press Releases? I can draft very basic press releases, but we don’t have anyone to review. We’ll need a larger team to coordinate with other PR teams re: usage of logos, org/”exec” quotes, usage of company names, etc. I can help a little with this, but will need help.
      • AY: Create a communications doc around upcoming blogs/press releases/etc. Not to be shared externally.
  • Design - Eriol
  • Other
    • Volunteer sign up sheet and promotion - richard/Alison
    • Tooling updates like Discourse? Demo if time permitting
    • Initially we talked about supporting smaller community events which might not be able to survive a year off. But now O’Reilly events team has been disbanded and OSCON is out. Looks like bigger community events are also under threat. Can we do something at all? Emanuil


Messaging guide:

  • Started to get a line on the strategic direction of this initiative. What does that look like in terms of the website. Who are the funds we collect for? Started up messaging guide.

  • We’d like to have a resource center (how to run events online for ex.). Also funds for those who are falling through the cracks. We are helping individuals but considering small orgs.

  • A small org and an individual aren’t that different in terms of effort on our part and impact on them. If we have defined a process then maybe we can make this work but otherwise idk. Link to the process document.

  • Smaller orgs get revenue from these events. Could be very significant to them.

Concrete ex #1: North Bay Python (Josh). “We’d prob be on the hook ourselves. Tbh most organisers are just too busy trying to cancel contracts with suppliers. The less friction we can have with the reqs for help the better.”

Concrete ex #2 Alyssa Wright: 85% of our rev comes from OpenStreetMap US event. I’m concerned we won’t have the budget to continue that work.

  • CONCLUSION when it comes to how our funds are used and do we also help small orgs? Yes. (Duane)

If we set a threshold then this should work. And we don’t have to necessarily decide who’s an individual, org or w/ever, it’s a $ amount.

Website - Richard:

  • Website is up. Waiting on Eriol for designs. We set up Discourse channel as well.

Design Updates - Eriol

Discourse Updates - Nuritizi

Intake - Tony

  • It is live – no asks just yet
  • Messaging and Rachel’s process document can really push this forward
  • Small edits not big one
  • Nuritzi: Can we use what you’ve worked on and translate it into Discourse? You wouldn’t lose work, and again I think it could reduce burden and also condense the tools we are using. Or at least post the form on Discourse. Let’s talk!
  • Asks:
    • Review Rachel’s process document first – will have a direct relation to form
    • Provide insight what questions need to be asked

Matchmaking - Gunner

  • Nuritzi and Gunner coordinate – Discourse can be the resource

Intake - Rachel

Fundraising - Dan Shaw

  • Needs:
    • Clarity on messaging – begin distributing any sophisticated fundraising, especially for higher $ amounts
    • Having a good example use case so we can articulate where money is going to show up
    • Those in larger orgs, reach out to those who control the purse strings to cut loose $10K – get a sense of where things are at and what it would take to get that out.
  • Did some outreach in $100 range in community
  • Reached out to agency level organizations – these orgs are struggling right now, not necessarily in position to contribute
  • Megan - Google Update
    • Started to support FOSS-Responders

Related Event Event / Community Engagement - Duane

  • May 1st announcement
  • Dan and Duane coordinating
  • Indeed blog post with descriptions of FOSS-Responders and May 1st event in Indeed approval process - will be posted on Engineering Blog

Communications – Allison

  • Need website communications, FAQ document, and design settled before building more content
  • Alyssa is looking forward to coordinating on comms, Open Source Collective happy to provide a quote. Happy to coordinate more on fundraising.
  • Needs:
    • People to join this work, particularly PR and Twitter
    • Need quotes on why companies are donating – requires coordination